Ich Bin Ein Berliner











Coat – Vintage Jaeger

T Shirt – Taller Than Your Average

Skirt – Zara

Jeans – ASOS

Boots – Acne Studios

Bag – Louis Vuitton

Necklace – Vintage

Last week Dan and I went back to our favourite city (so far), Berlin. The German capital holds a special place in our hearts as it was the first trip we took together 2 years ago, and my first ever holiday with a partner.  The vibe in Berlin is so laid back and care free, with history and culture abound, amazing shopping and night life to die for, not to mention just about everything is dirt cheap!  We stay in the Mitte area which is close to the best of all of the aforementioned awesomeness.  Shout out to the Amano group for their beautiful hotels, we’ve stayed with them on both of our trips, first at the Hotel Mani and this time in a suite at the new Amano Grand Central Hotel, absolutely loved it on both occasions and will no doubt stay with them next time (they didn’t sponsor this post or give us a free room or anything, I just really like their hotels – there’s a glowing TripAdviser review coming their way courtesy of yours truly).  There’s also some stunning AirBnB’s out there, something we’re yet to try but considering for future travels.

It was a real treat to get out of the country for 5 days with my best friend/boyfriend/all round favourite human, if you’ve got somebody to escape with I’d strongly recommend you take every opportunity to do so.  We’ve already vowed to travel more together (read stop spending so much money on clothes and spend more on plane tickets) and I won’t lie, I’ve been researching a beach getaway since we touched down at Heathrow.

So, reasons to go to Berlin according to Shan –

  1. Amazing vintage shopping at the prices you got in Camden market 10 years ago
  2. Aside from vintage, shopping in general in Berlin is fantastic and surprisingly inexpensive. From well known brands (COS and Acne are both cheaper over there) to smaller Berlin based brands and the Mauerpark Flea Market, there’s a thousand reasons to empty your wallet, leave room in your suitcase!
  3. More museums, galleries and historical monuments than you can shake a stick at
  4. Never, ever, EVER feeling crowded – Berlin is unlike any other capital city I’ve visited, the streets/roads/public transport are always at least half empty(!!!!!!)
  5. Visiting the the 16th best bar in the WORLD and still only paying €12 per cocktail. Buck and Breck is a speakeasy, the door is almost entirely unmarked (there’s even a light up sign saying “closed” when it’s open), they’ll only let you in if there’s space to seat you meaning no long queues for a drink, and phones are banned – say hello to pure unadulterated conversation, just like the good old days!
  6. Photoautomat – these adorable photo-booths are dotted all over the city, and only 2 euros a pop! We missed out on these the first time we came, so we made up for it with 4 goes this trip (the first two were a fail as we’d forgotten how lanky we are and didn’t lower the seat, so our eyes up were somewhat chopped off…) but they’re by far the best souvenir to bring home from your travels to Berlin

I hope this has inspired some of you to consider Berlin for your next getaway, or perhaps even to visit again if you’ve already been. There’s so many places we’re planning to visit in the coming years but I know we’ll also be coming back to Berlin before too long, it’s an addiction we just can’t quit!  Grab your favourite human, book a flight and escape!



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