Q: Is “Blogger Style” Unrealistic?








Earrings – Berlin

Eye necklace – Greece

Bar necklace – Z for Accessorize

T Shirt – No74 Berlin

Jeans – ASOS

Shoes – Christian Louboutin

I begin today’s post with a question – is “blogger style” a realistic portrayal of the way men and women are dressing on a daily basis?  I used to think the only people who dressed like bloggers were other bloggers, but the more I looked the more I realised, fashion bloggers are to street style what runway shows are to what we buy in stores.  Think of it this way – the looks you see on the runway are not the looks you see on the street, they’re full on (sometimes caricatured) representations of trends and a designer’s ideas that are filtered and watered down to formulate the clothes you put on your back and wear out of the house to go to work or the shops or a dinner party.  In my opinion fashion bloggers operate in a similar way.  What you see on a fashion blog may not realistically be something that you would wear to pop into town on a Saturday afternoon, but break it down into individual pieces or the basic concept of the look and you’ve got something inspiring that you can take away and work with in daily life.

Now I appreciate that all blogs are different and there are a lot of personal style sites producing content that is already “ready-to-wear”, they’ve done the work for us in a sense, but that’s not what I’m referring to here and that’s not what excites me (personally).  Seeing something that can be copied item for item and worn to an everyday function without a second thought is not my idea of inspiration, I need food for thought, something that I can take apart make work for me and my life.  I think that’s the reason why blogs such as Man Repeller and 5 inch and up are so popular, because there’s so many of us who love fashion but don’t want to be spoon fed outfits on a platter.  You don’t need to be the same height, weight or dress size as these women to be inspired by them, nor do you need the same bank balance, because it’s more about what you can take from their styling and infuse into your own wardrobe.

Fashion blogs have been criticised widely over what is seen as an unrealistic way of dressing for everyday life, criticisms almost identical to those you see of runway shows or magazine editorials, but the latter is certainly not intended for that purpose and I don’t think the former is either. Dolce & Gabbana don’t expect you to pop to Tesco’s in a bejewelled lace Sicilian gown any more than Leandra Medine expects you to show up at your office in head to toe Rosie Assoulin frills and flatforms (unless of course you work in a seriously cool office).

The most important thing you can take away from any fashion blog is inspiration, make that concept work around you and you’ll have something that is original and suitable for your lifestyle.  If you take editorials, shows or blogs too literally it takes the fun out of fashion, take the aspects you like and run with them.



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