Find Of The Year






Jumper – The Row

Boots – Stuart Weitzman x Russell & Bromley

Bag – Louis Vuitton

Sunglasses – Gucci

Yes I know, those boots, AGAIN. But they’re so good how could I not? Truth be told I’ve been wearing them constantly since I bought them in September, so you’ll probably see them a few more times here on the blog before Britain heats up and I’m forced to retire them for the summer (yes, we have summer in Britain, sort of…). Knitwear and leather make the perfect partners, so they were the obvious shoe choice for this look, which is actually all about the jumper: it is my find of 2016. I know what you’re thinking – find of 2016?! It’s not even February yet! But this jumper is made by none other than Mary Kate and Ashley, it is The Row.

Now before you fall off your chair at the thought of spending £800-£2,000 on a jumper, there’s one rather major detail I’ve yet to mention, and that is that I paid less than £30 for this piece. No it’s not a knock off, it’s not a fake, I didn’t change my name to Mary Kate and knit it myself – it’s the real deal, and it was on consignment.

Consignment is pretty much my favourite way to shop, and has been for the past couple of years, there’s one store in particular that I pay regular visits to in an affluent area close to where I live. I will be including this treasure trove and a few others in an upcoming post on how I go about finding designer bargains and filling my wardrobe with high quality pieces for a fraction of the price. This particular gem was hiding at the back of a small rail of jackets and when I picked it up I had to hold my breath to stop myself from screeching in a public place, and then I saw the sale tag… This had been priced at £44(?!?!) and since gone on sale for 50% off. I couldn’t believe it. I sprinted my way to the till and prayed the tag wasn’t a typo or a misplaced decimal point. Once I got it home I whipped my de-bobbler out (an essential tool in any fashion girl’s arsenal) and by the time I was finished it looked brand new. Regular de-bobbling is essential to keep knitwear looking fresh!

I adore The Row, I’ve been a fan of their easy aesthetic and luxe fabrics since day one, but just about everything costs an unthinkable amount of money for me, so I’d assumed that owning any of it was a distant dream.  I’m not in the business of selling vital organs for silk maxi dresses – however well cut they may be.  Perhaps one day I’ll be able to afford a piece here and there, if I ever find something I’m genuinely good at that someone is willing to pay me a stupid amount of money for. But trust me, if I could I would. My love for the Olsen twins and their successful move into high fashion goes a long way, my purse strings, however, do not (yet).

So there you have it – my find of the year. See what I mean now? Short of finding a real Birkin for £20, I’d be hard pressed to improve on this one.

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